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Glitter Sec

Glitter Sec is a product free of parabens and sulfates, designed to facilitate the removal of dirt and leave a pleasant aroma on the pet. Formulated with ingredients derived from amino acids, components
own of the skin such as PCA and essential fatty acids derived from Argan oil. Which together favor the hydration and regeneration of the pet's skin and hair
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Laboratorios Servinsumos was born in 1984 as a product of an experience of more than 30 years in the service of the Colombian agricultural sector. We are part of the production chain in which the ultimate goal is to offer the consumer the best conditions of therapeutic effectiveness, quality, costs and service.
We have more than 60 pharmaceutical specialties, which are today available to our clients in the 11 countries that we currently cover, being specialists in the veterinary pharmaceutical market.
The line of pets, "pet's kingdom" has consolidated us in the market as one of the companies with the highest quality and short-term results, participating in fairs such as Agroexpo, Expopet, among others, which has allowed us to diversify and provide the consumer final experience, professionalism and security to provide the best products on the market.