Press Start Evolution SAS

Our history
We are a custom software development company, with 12 years of experience. During this time we have specialized in merging creativity with technology to provide our clients with
products such as video games, which are used in various industries with different objectives like teaching, selling and motivating. Thanks to our versatility and knowledge in the various digital platforms and technologies, we can supply all the software needs of the same client.

Our services are: Software Development, Videogame Development, Gamification Tools, Virtual and augmented realit, Training and Consulting in gamification, digital marketing, video games and structuring software projects.

Our Product: Gameit Engine is a robust mobile and web platform for video game development that allows anyone without a server and without technical knowledge (No-code platform) to create, customize and publish video games on the App Store, Google Play and mobile web in less than a week.

Company’s Products

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Company’s Products

AR, VR and Motion Recognition

Gamification Tools Development