Building Materials for Sale in Colombia

Building materials for sale in Colombia represent a wide range of products that attend the needs and requirements of the industry, therefore actively participating in the construction value chain. In accordance with the Colombian business association ANDI, by the end of 2018 the building construction sector contributed with 3.1% to the country's GDP. Moreover, when observing the wide spectrum of the industry value chain, an additional 1.5% of the overall national GDP corresponded to other type of activities associated with construction. Furthermore, Colombia's National Administrative Department of Statistics (DANE) determined that in 2018 the country had a population of over 48 million persons, from which almost 73% of it live in urban areas. Thus, given that such areas are developed by construction companies in Colombia, their impact on the country's economic and social development is significant. The market demand on this industry sector creates a positive environment for building supply stores and other alternatives of construction materials stores.

For instance, rates of new construction in Medellin Colombia have been increasing due to the city's growth and business attractiveness; such effect has also had an impact on the creation of new constructions in Cartagena, where besides its business appeal, the touristic environment is a great attraction for national and foreign investment. Hence, building materials stores supply quality products to attend the market needs. Therefore, ranging from building materials that are part of the building structure appearance itself like walls, floors, and windows, to more particular items like doors, frames, roof ceilings, or even fire doors. Moreover, leaving aside the importance of quality products for the business environment and the value chain enhancement, the sector contributes actively and with significant impact to the country's employment levels.

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