COOV: It is a liquid, concentrated conditioner that has a high concentration of oxidizable organic carbon of vegetable origin, allows to restore, cleans floors with traces of agrochemicals, revegetalises, regulates the pH in acidic soils, exchanges with unicellular and multicellular microorganism, is oxygen lacking ending with these beings and in the process strengthens the properties of the soil, providing great benefits to the crops.
Develops systematic defense in soils, potentiating their natural nutrients from the soil.

It is 100% natural.
It is not Corrosive
It's not Toxico
It is not flammable
It has no contraindication to health
Technique sheet
HS code
  • Chemicals
  • Fertilizers

Grupo Empresarial SOlanco S.A

Grupo Empresarial Solanco S.A We are a group of entrepreneurs and innovators, with a view to conquering national and international markets, revolutionizing people's lives, contributing environmental, social and financial sustainability in the hydrocarbons, industrial and agricultural sectors.
Our products are organic-mineral extracts with a special oxidizable organic carbon content of plant origin and nanotechnology.
COOV: soil conditioner with 75% oxidizable organic carbon concentration, special to recover, restore and repair soils.
FESUELO: Integral fertilizer with high content of major elements, presence of minor elements and organic oxidizable vegetable carbon, which potentiates the growth of plants and contributes with the increase of production.
GODOIL: Conditioner repair of soils and water sources contaminated with hydrocarbons and their derivatives, repairs the soil in 1 to 6 months, environmental liabilities that last from 10 to 50 years in repair.