Scarlet Wax LPS 700cc Image
Scarlet Wax LPS 700cc Image

Scarlet Wax LPS 700cc

The Mixed solvent wax is specially use for giving shine and a protection layer for your laminated wood, parquet, bricks or ceramic floor. This product has high resistance, anti-slip and long-lasting characteristics, in addition it is easy to polish, is cheap and leave a pleasant cinnamon fragrance. This wax is a mix of solvents derivative from petroleum and they have mineral origin, which create a layer in the surface with a high percentage of solids. Physical and chemical characteristics of this product allow to polish the surface several times and recover the natural shine just using the polish machine.

The mixed solvent wax has different varieties such as: Scarlet Wax, Neutral Wax, Red Wax and Yellow Wax for each floor color and it has recipient of 1 Liter or 4 Liters.


Clean the surface, apply a thin and uniform layer of the product, let it dry for at least 10 minutes and polish the surface using a machine or doing manually.
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  • Soap, Organic Surface Agents


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