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Our business resource planning system will allow you to comprehensively manage the different processes associated with the value chain that your organization possesses, allowing you to obtain continuous control and monitoring of the critical areas of your business; Our ERP system will allow you to have relevant information and instantly, guaranteeing a return on investment in the very short term, given its great flexibility and adaptability to all types of organizations.

With the Géminus Business Management ERP, you will take your organization to the level of large companies. Our ERP has as supplements the MRP, CRM, BI and applications for IPAD, ANDROID, so you can have all your information integrated into the same database. The following figure shows the initial entry of the program where you can customize the alerts, economic indicators such as the dollar rate and a sales dashboard.
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We are a company that provides business software ERP, MRP, CRM and BI, with a varied and complete portfolio of products. We have 16 years of experience in the Colombian market and around 800 clients in the principal cities of the country. Our products are validated for the commercial sector, industrial sector, services, education, health, home services, horizontal property, among others. We have a team of accountants, software engineer and industrial engineers, highly trained and willing to advise all our software on the implementation, training, start-up and after-sales service processes. All our programs are developed for the Oracle database and / or SQL server.