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In Codyd SAS we are official Odoo Partners for Latin America, we offer a low cost ERP and a high impact for organizations that are committed to Digital Transformation.
With our ERP what we do is create a digital ecosystem that allows us to permeate all the processes of the organization and affect them positively.
With this we forget to have a software for everything, in Odoo we will have transversal and real-time access to each activity that is done in our organization, which will allow us to make better decisions.
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Codyd SAS

Our company provides a transversal service to all the processes of the organization, however, we have specialized in the digital positioning of Retail brands. Social Media, Digital Marketing, SEO - SEM, Branding, E-Commerce.
We are interested in companies that seek to better position their products / services and sell online.
Also companies that seek access to technological solutions or intend to make a digital transformation by offering them our ERP, a high-level tool and a low cost.