Gratitude Cards Image
Gratitude Cards Image
Gratitude Cards Image
Gratitude Cards Image

Gratitude Cards

Being grateful for small and big things allows us to enjoy the present moment, heals us and makes us fall in love with the life we ​​already have. It makes us free and lets us see every moment as a new opportunity. Do your daily ritual to be grateful for every moment/aspect of your life.
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Mandalas para el Alma S.A.S

Andrea Agudelo is a Colombian entrepreneur, digital influencer, the creator of “Mandalas Para El Alma”, and the author of 6 books focused on well-being, creativity and wellness.

Among Andrea´s creations there are Mandala’s Books, self-development journals and Messages from the Universe, which are being sold in the USA through Whole Foods Market and through the whole continent thanks to Planeta Editorial who acquired the copyrights of three of her works.

The first book “Mandalas Para el Alma” was created in 2015. That year the company was born under the same name. The book was introduced into the market through our own independent editorial, more than 50,000 copies were sold during the first year of launch quickly becoming Best Seller all year round in Colombia.