Transparent glue Image
Transparent glue Image

Transparent glue

Glue Rapid is preferred by consumers as it has excellent adhesion to all types of paper, cardboard, fabric, styrofoam and wood. Our glues have an excellent quality and are for school, artistic, home and / or semi-industrial use. Find them in the market in their different presentations.NON-TOXIC.
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  • Adhesives and Albuminoid Materials
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Industrias Rapid & Cia Ltda

Industries Rapid is a Colombian company dedicated to the production and sale of school items and writing , among which are , Paper Glue and Wood Glue, Vinyl pearlescent colors, pastels , fluorescent and basic , erasers, Washable Kid`s Paint by 6 classic colors, Rules of 30 cm and 20 cm , Squads of different sizes , from 15 X 45 and 15 X 60 to 32 X 45 and 32 X 60 , plus conveyors 180 and 360 and Geometrical Case, the same way Produce School Crayons and Jumbo Crayons, and Clay in Short presentations, Long , 65 Gr, 200 Gr and Kilo .