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Surface organic agent, free oxygen producer, wide action detergent, enzymatic, degreaser, dismantler and hygienizer.
New 100% natural, biodegradable and eco-friendly biomolecule, useful in air purification and in cleaning and disinfecting surfaces in the home or industry, including furniture, doors, toys, vehicles, bicycles, motorcycles, etc.
It's not corrosive. Generates a protective layer that makes it difficult to adhere to dirt.
Useful in controlling the BioFilm.
It reduces CO2 concentration and purifies cabin air from family, industrial, truck, bus, ship, aircraft or tractor vehicles, while also reducing the risk of micro dreams.
Neutralizes odors in a 100% natural and eco-friendly way.
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RAMBIOGANAR SAS RAMBIOGANAR creator and owner of RAMBIOGANAR TECHNOLOGY: Know How own became a business reality, with a global focus on the export market for bio-funded goods and services, recognized as a key player in the knowledge economy, closed-cycle production, carbon capture and, waste generation of high value-added metabolites, highly cost-effective biotechnological solutions , simple to implement and operate, focused on real problems and markets and leading to CIRCULAR ECONOMY
Your offer includes ECOlines:
Biosafe cleaning and disinfection of environments and surfaces, essential to create a protective barrier to the presence of COVID 19 and other pathogens
Aquaculture: focused on the self-generation of molecular oxygen without the use of fossil energy, in fish and shrimp ponds
Livestock: for the sustainable comprehensive use of animal manure and other organic waste