Nebula Organic Surfaces

NOS is a BOTANICAL and ECOLOGICAL highly efficient DISINFECTANT, BIOCIDE with a wide spectrum of non-toxic based natural essential oils, which reacts to fight off bacteria, fungi, yeasts and viruses, diluted at 1%, making health and biosecurity possible through an effective and sustainable ecological solution. NOS can be applied to all surfaces without any damaging or staining - services include textiles, leather, paper, rubber, wood, metal, concrete and plastic.
Physical characteristics of NOS:
● Ph: 6.75- 7.75 neutral.
● White liquid, natural aroma.
● Effective to eliminate proteins and fat residues.
● Effective in the presence of hard water and organic matter.
● Natural Phenol present in nature, not synthesized.
● Does not generate microbial resistance, or require rotation with other products.
● Non-corrosive, non-toxic. Does not stain.
● Biodegradable.
Nebula Organic Surfaces Image
Nebula Organic Surfaces Image
Nebula Organic Surfaces Image
Nebula Organic Surfaces Image
Nebula Organic Surfaces Image
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