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Natural olfactofobico repellent for dogs and cats. is a natural repellent for the smell of dogs and cats, contains non-toxic natural substances such as terpenes and terpenoids that allow them to move away from the usual place where they urinate. Residual up to 24 hours. Make periodic applications to keep pets away. Bottle with spray device for 60 ml and 120 ml. It is applied in the form of spray on gates, doors, walls, baseboards, patios, gardens, facades, garbage bags, car wheels and places marked with the urine of dogs and cats. REGISTRATION INVIMA NSOH06577-17CO
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Fumicontrol S.A.S.

Producers of the following products:
-ACAROL CUTANEA LOTION, controls scabies mites, fleas and ticks in dogs and cats
- CEROPLAGAS GEL, controls ants, chiripas and cockroaches.
-CEROPISS, antiorin repellent for dogs and cats