Industrial degreaser Ecopacs Image

Industrial degreaser Ecopacs

Biodegradable neutral degreaser for industrial cleaning made from sulphonated products and high-power degreasing and wetting surfactants that easily remove dirt and prevent its redeposition.
Technique sheet
  • Chemicals
  • Soap, Organic Surface Agents


Deterquin is a leading company with more than 32 years in the laundry, cleaning and disinfection detergent sector and a select member of the technology transfer program with Germany Global Business Exchange-GIZ.
Our detergents and disinfectants are manufactured with environmentally friendly German raw materials and technology. This new technology offers high performance a with lower dosages and multitasking products that allow reductions in references and inventory, which translates into a reduction in total operating costs.
Our company has the ISO-9001: 2015 quality certification and all our laundry and cleaning products such as Detergents, degreasers, multipurpose cleaners, air fresheners and disinfectants have the certifications of compliance with the technical regulations required by government entities