Energía Renovable

Renewable Energy

Given its operative and technical knowledge, HMV currently carries-out studies for NCRE projects in the field of: Renewable resource characterization studies, Energy and power analyses, Environmental, social and archeological studies, Grid connection studies, Market and energy commercialization studies, Financial analyses including applicable incentives. Furthermore HMV guides and assesses Clients by helping them to adequately focus their investment. HMV Ingenieros, accompanies Investment Banks, Funds, or companies in the process of Project acquisition by carrying out technical and economic due diligence studies for different NCRE investment projects.
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HMV Ingenieros Ltda.

HMV Ingenieros Ltda . Is a company that provides engineering services in areas of electricity, water and basic sanitation, oil and gas, transport infrastructure , industrial, institutional planning and edi fi ts , environmental engineering and infrastructure projects in general. http://www.h-mv.com