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Free Press

We design the best press strategy for you and generate a relationship with the media so that your brand is the news, we generate a clear and differentiating concept that allows to make visible, disseminate and generate remembrance in the Colombian public.

We work on your expectation campaign, launches, positioning, we plan your press tours and if you need it we advise you on the use of cameras, so that you know how to operate in the main media.

La Urbe Agencia de Comunicaciones

La Urbe is a communications agency with 20 years of experience creating 360° dissemination strategies, we generate content with innovative messages. We build your ideas into reality with state-of-the-art technology and a prestigious team of creative professionals. We formulate high-impact tactics in the channels of adequate communication.
There are 2 lines with 7 services in: * Traditional media * New media
Audiovisual, radio, print, digital, Free Press and monitoring, events and workshops