Bariatric surgery Image
Bariatric surgery Image
Bariatric surgery Image
Bariatric surgery Image

Bariatric surgery

The group is composed of bariatricians, endocrinologists, cardiologist, pneumologist, psychiatrist and nutritionist. All the medical group followed a strict training program in all the specific issues of the obese patients evaluation.
We follow all the protocols of A.S.M.B.S. (American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery), so this measure led us to follow a multidisciplinary protocol and the American Guide for patients selection, that posteriorly was implemented by I.F.S.O. (International Federation for Surgery of Obesity). As a part of a continuum interest in gaining knowledge and experience, we had the opportunity to become A.S.M.B.S. International Members and I.F.S.O. Members.
With the increasing numbers of superobese patients, we also perform major procedures as S.A.D.I.S. (Single Anastomosis Duodenoileostomy plus Sleeve).
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