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We are a specialized center in the treatment of neonatal, pediatric, and adult cardiovascular diseases.
Pioneers in South America and the Caribbean in artificial heart implants, and leaders in innovative procedures such as ECMO and minimally invasive surgeries that guarantee excellent results, as well as higher safety and lower risks for the patient.
Our medical team is recognized for its human quality by saving lives and being experts in the management of all types of patients with heart problems such as heart failure, congenital diseases, patients in critical condition or at risk of death.
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Quality Medical is an entity dedicated to the production and commercialization of surgical sutures (Sutmedical), disposable surgical clothing (Texmedical), the commercialization of surgical medical devices (Surgical Supplies), the rescue and processing of cardiovascular, osteomuscular tissue, skin and membrane amniotic (Tissue Bank) and the provision of the sterilization service. To guarantee safety to customers, the operation of the company is framed under the quality management system, for which we have the physical and technological infrastructure and a highly trained human team to satisfy the demanding requirements, maintaining commercial relationships in more than 200 IPS in the country, who have successfully completed their purchase in our industry for more than 20 years of business experience.