Cirugía Filtrante de Glaucoma

Glaucoma filtration surgery

Consists of a surgery that allows the storage out of the eye of the aqueous humor (fluid that occurs within the eye).
The main goal of surgery is to control the intraocular pressure to prevent the progression of the disease.
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Its specialized units include ophthalmology--which has an advanced technology ophthalmic center with all the necessary equipment to provide timely diagnosis of ocular pathologies and a dedicated surgery suite with 3D technology for more precise ophthalmic procedures--orthopedics and traumatology, clinical laboratory, pediatrics, diagnostic imaging unit, obesity treatment, cardiology, and an interventional radiology department. It is also considered a leading example in the diagnosis and treatment of vascular pathologies, cerebrovascular accidents, and cerebral neoplasms using the latest technological equipment. It is the only institution in the region that is made up of a multidisciplinary staff of vascular surgeons, neurosurgeons, interventional radiologists, emergency physicians, neuroradiologists, and internists. It is home to Latin America's leading cancer center, known for its robotic technology and specialized medical staff, and advances in research have been recognized by the MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Certifications: ICONTEC