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The orthopedics team has more than 70 specialists, each of our hospitals have their base group with subspecialists in the different orthopedics areas, with the highest quality leading edge technology in order to offer surgical services in the different areas of the specialty.
The orthopedics surgery team is recognized as an awarded physicians’ group within the national and international Orthopedics Associations.

The team have extensive experience to perform:
● Ankle arthrodesis.
● Knee, hip and shoulder prosthesis.
● Rotator cuff repair.
● Congenital hip dysplasia.
● Acromioclavicular articulation reconstruction
● Trauma.
● Spine surgery (the group of surgeons are pioneering in minimally invasive surgery in Latin America and even to global level).
● Hand surgery.
● Foot surgery.
● Reconstructive and microsurgery.
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