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Cane Digital Certificate Image
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Cane Digital Certificate

Solution that allows the elimination of manual records in spreadsheets, avoiding the risk of misinformation by data entry operators. This solution is designed in M2M machine-to-machine communication, which allows the automatic capture of all the information about people, jobs and places where agricultural operations take place. as an advantage it has the immediate availability of the information, the elimination of errors in the information registers and the possibility of integrations with the other technological solutions of the companies.

Solinftec America Latina S.A.S.

Solinftec is a leading company in the market for technological innovation applied to agriculture 4.0, we develop solutions based on the use of Environmental Sustainability, Artificial Intelligence, Precision Agriculture, BlockChain, Internet of Things, seeking to maximize the efficiency of agricultural operations by increasing the income by controlling the quality of the work and reducing operating costs. with the use of a digital ecosystem that allows online monitoring of machines and operators, controlling productive operations, times, unproductive, fuel consumption, inputs and irrigation for any type of crop.