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At Dominio Estudio we love to create innovative, inclusive, usable and accessible digital user experiences. We believe that information and communication technologies are an opportunity to transform the supply of products and services to the digital environment; with a high level of customization, flexibility and simplicity; that motivate participation, and the adoption of new practices, habits and behaviors.

To achieve this, our methodology is based on qualitative and quantitative social research methods and techniques, which allow us to determine precisely what are the desires and needs of our clients' stakeholders; the search for creative solutions; and the development of digital solutions using the most modern application development techniques that guarantee a satisfactory user experience.
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Dominio Estudio de Diseño SAS

Since 2003, we are the most innovative eLearning company and your partner in Latin America. We offer you custom learning strategies and app development, which uses different narratives, languages, and tools, with a great aesthetic sensibility and the use of the latest technologies. We have a multidisciplinary team composed by thematic experts, pedagogues and instructional designers, UX/UI designers, illustrators, 3D artists, front-end and back-end developers. We have wide experience in areas/sectors such as compliance, entertainment, financial services, government, healthcare, higher education, language, oil & gas, and professional services. We have worked in Colombia, Mexico, Ecuador, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Peru, Brazil, and Germany. We have been recognized by different institutions and companies around the world, such as Facebook, OAS, the Chamber of Commerce of Bogota, and the Colombian Ministry of Culture.