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Why have a campus?

Because in this online world, trends change every day and people have begun to study virtually for the convenience, since they can do it from home at any time.

With the development of your online school in Moodle we offer you:
An intuitive and practical campus.
Installation of plugins necessary for the school.
Different roles according to what is required.
Automatic certifications.
Integration with the Moodle App
Virtual classroom created in Moodle, a web learning management system.

The design of your virtual classroom is essential to gain the trust of your students.
Let's work as a team and create a creative design that identifies you in your sector.


Creaciones Visionarias SAS

SINCE 2012 WE ARE DIGITAL CONSULTANTS In ICT Projects. We are a Colombian company focused on the development of new technologies, we use modern platforms for continuous improvement and our method is based on 4 main processes: inspire, devise, make viable and apply. We focus on Visionary Creations, we develop ideas, differentiating projects, sales channels and innovative experiences for clients. https://cvgroup.co