Kontrol ID - FingerScan Image
Kontrol ID - FingerScan Image
Kontrol ID - FingerScan Image

Kontrol ID - FingerScan

This KontroliD mobile add-on allows you to capture an image of the fingerprint in digital format so that it can be attached to a PDF report.
The capture is done from one of the most popular biometric readers on the market, the Digital Persona U are. U 4500 and now the new EIKON TOUCH 710 which is of capacitive technology that saves more energy and comes with direct connection to the cell phone and a short 50 cm cable.
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We are a software company and we support service provider organizations in the digital transformation of their operations, so that they make better decisions with accurate and timely information.
- Its paper formats become smart forms that are easy to carry out with capture options from photos, signatures, gps location, etc. with a high level of security to more sophisticated ones such as nfc tags, ID card reading, fingerprints, etc.

- The information can be captured both mobile and web and generates immediate reports that can preserve the design of the paper.

- Your processes can be turned into workflows that allow you to create tasks and notifications based on the data.

- Your data is immediately accessible in the cloud and can be integrated with any other system through APIs or viewed in BI.

- Also use it to generate added value to your clients by collecting important information for them through their collaborators.