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Talent Job

Talent job automates the human talent selection process in organisations, providing solutions for recruitment and selection through the reception of resumes, filtering and qualification according to the requirements of the
vacancy, evaluation and selection, unified in a platform through the implementation of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) defined as a method to automate mainly transactional processes, based on specific rules.
It is an API based web platform application, developed under the Django 3 framework, Python 3.6, on the server side, Angular 10 for the FRONT END and the data is stored under the PostgreSQL 10.11 database engine. On the architecture side Docker, Rabbitmq 3, Nginx 1.13, Celery 4, Selenium standalone chrome debug 3.7.1.
The application was developed under the SCRUM and Agile methodology.
Technique sheet
  • Software & IT services
  • Business Software


LSV TECH is a company specialized in Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0 that provides products, consulting services, development of integral solutions and supply of specialized human talent for the improvement, optimization and automation of processes, applying innovative and agile methodology. https://lsv-tech.com/