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Personalized Professional Coach Program

Name: Professional Coach.
Duration: 150 Hours
Start Date: June 26
Modality: Custom Virtual
Investment Value: 6,500,000

Provide participants with the tools of Transformational Coaching and Leadership, so that they take 100% control of their finances, relationships and health, being coherent between what they Think, Feel and Do, thus finding their true Life Purpose.
Enhance personal, social and professional skills in the participants from awareness, awareness and knowledge of the BEING.
To train professional Coaches, being coherent and upright leaders, based on principles and values.
Aimed at: All people who want to lead their lives and unleash their full potential on a personal and professional level.

Escuela Living S.A.S

The Escuela Living is an educational institution for work and human development under resolution 2318 of November 11, 2018 of the education secretariat of the municipality of
Manizales with a seven years history, which seeks to train people in soft skills through coaching training programs