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Digital Twin

In Industrial Processes: Our digital twin allows us to view an entire operation in real time and generate predictions and / or business alerts to make timely operations decisions and increase productivity. The digital twin in industrial process operations (oil, gas and mineral refineries, petrochemical plants, oil pipelines and others) is used to optimize operating costs, reduce the risk of major losses in processes (Process Safety), reduce costs of maintenance and improvement of the reliability of operations.
In Service Companies: The digital twin in services is used for real-time business management, operations planning and risk management of process deviation in ecosystems such as distribution and logistics.
It has modules of Big Data, Predictive Analytics, Corrective Analytics and real-time visualization of the behavior of the operation that you want to model and optimize.
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I-Optia SAS

I-Optia SAS is an engineering company that provides technological solutions to solve operational problems in industrial operations. I-Optia combines its experience in operations, in reliability engineering with the application of artificial intelligence, to solve critical problems of complex operations such as mining and oil and gas. I-Optia has developed digital products such as digital twins that allow to optimize processes, reduce unplanned production stops and reduce operating costs. I-Optia has senior experts in oil & gas at a global level with more than 35 years of experience and a group of engineers who are experts in AI, robotics and telecommunications. The I-Optia team has developed engineering projects for the last 5 years in mining operations in Australia, Saudi Arabia, Chile and is currently developing a pilot of a digital twin for an oil & gas company in Colombia.