Robot Process Automation (RPA) Image
Robot Process Automation (RPA) Image
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Robot Process Automation (RPA)

RPA is the technology that allows anyone to configure a software or "robot" to simulate and develop the actions of a "human, interacting within digital systems to execute different business processes.
Trycore as a digital transformation company making use of its expertise and knowledge, provides companies with a computer tool that allows them to incorporate a digital workforce capable of performing any of the activities that a person does within the organization. Exploiting the potential of a RPA can be a competitive advantage for the company, resulting in more cost savings, increased profits and higher business value.

Trycore SAS

We are a 100% technology-based company, oriented to provide services to companies for Software development. We have high experience and success stories in process automation from different sectors of the economy through RPA task robotization tools and process automation with BPM (Business Process Management). We acquire a high knowledge and implementation of micro services with containers and Docker, where our solutions are deployed in clouds (private, public) and On Premise schemes.