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Solucion Neurona

We provide technological solutions and specialized services for the financial sector in electronic transfers through KPO. Our payment engine is for internal use in banks and financial institutions and credit unions with high quality standards.
With our solution you can:

º Make the internal process of payments easier, including automatic debits, payroll, P2P, domestic payments and others
º High capacity of process in transaction quantity and connected users
º Can cover all the payment origination, from Internet Banking to final authorization moving between security validations.
  • Software & IT services
  • Financial Software


We are a consortium with more than 25 years of experience, made up of companies in the ICT sector. We seek to become an international provider of specialized products and services in the financial sector.

Within our portfolio we have solutions such as: Big data, artificial intelligence, payment engine, internet of things, electronic wallets, among others.

Within our business group we also offer solutions for other sectors such as: Eduweb and DMS 360