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Our product is aimed at the segment of SME associations and medical offices, with a proposal for a large product, placed in the cloud. The purpose is to bring an infrastructure to our client, with the same characteristics that a highly complex clinic uses. And as a mutual benefit, monthly subscriptions are made.
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sqlsimens ltda

SqlSimens Ltda., Is a company dedicated to the development of software in the health sector. Located in the city of Santiago de Cali, established in 1997 as an E.U. entity, then in 2003 as Ltda. I create a product to provide a solution to the Assistance and Administrative information systems of Level I, II and III entities of complexity.

Mission: Strengthen the medical community through information technology products that are easy and practical to use, to support operations and decision-making, both healthcare and administrative, in such a way that they contribute to being a support channel for the client to generate better quality of life to its patients and excellent institutional profitability. And in turn profitability, significance and well-being for our partners and each participant in our organization.

Vision: To reach 2025 to be the best known and preferred company in IT solutions for the health sector for the entire medical community.