Custom web development

It specializes in custom development of web and mobile applications, making use of .Net, for back-end, Sql Server for database and Angular for front-end (among others) which allow to improve, technify and automate customer processes, facilitating the integration of platforms with their custom developments.

Net has a vast documentation of development resources, instructions for use and the possibility of working with the suite of its products, which allow the compatibility of information between platforms, agility in development processes, scalability of projects towards applications mobiles and support in their technology.
  • Software & IT services

  • Apps, e-Learning

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Doctus It is a company that designs and develops software, oriented to the measure of the demands of our clients, complying with all the quality standards to provide them with the best positioning in the web search engines, in order to support them in the fulfillment of their systematization strategies of processes and competitiveness, using the most qualified tools, with an excellent team of collaborators who work with responsibility and professionalism.