Event Management Software

It is an application to plan and manage events that companies want to carry out, simplifying logistics processes. This software can perfectly customize and align with customer needs and event planning goals.

It has the following characteristics:
1. Online Registration
2. Event website
3. Email Campaign
4. Event program
5. Payment and invoices
6. Check-in & Badges

In addition, it offers the following solutions:
1. B2B Matching
2. Event Mobile app
3. Virtual Events platform
4. Event Marketing
  • Software & IT services

  • Apps, e-Learning


Eventtia S.A.S

https://www.eventtia.com/en/home It is a company that is dedicated to the creation of web applications and applications that manage different events, from the configuration of the online registration and the administration of the guest list.

Among its services are:
1. Event management software
2. B2B networking and pairing platform
3. Mobile application for events
4. Exhibition management software
5. Event marketing platform