Tráfico y Movilidad

Traffic and Mobility

Video analytic system which allows to identify the behavior the vehicles on the streets in real time. Our system is basically compound for some key elements, such as: Video detectors strategically located on the streets, video processors devices, software T&M and a information system very full which shows graphics, charts, etc. It is very important for the traffic engineers for taking decisions, some features are:

Count cars and motocycles
Count cars and motocycles by lane
Segmentation by size
Speed measurement
Headway measurement
Calculation of polluting gases
Occupation detection on roads
Technique sheet
  • Software & IT services
  • Transport Software


Intertelco is a company with a component of innovation based on solutions of high added value. At the moment we have three areas of work, such as: Defense and security, Solutions for smart mobility and custom development, our main client is the Colombian Air Force