Industries 4.0 - bpo
Industries 4.0 - bpo


Colombia is answering the global call by positioning itself as one of the leading BPO-operation development markets. This sector's growth in the country can be attributed to, among other reasons, its large population (the third largest in the region) and the fact it contains a highly skilled, connected, committed and warm human capital.

The number of key global players who place their trust in Colombia's BPO offer is constantly growing, for they see the great appeal in the wide service diversity, support of state entities, and competitive operation costs that render it so compelling.

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Alejandro Londoño
Services Exports Business Leader, United States
Dayana Martínez
Trade Representative for Puerto Rico, French Territories, U.S and British Virgin Islands
Juan Camilo Charry
Services Exports Business Leader, Mexico
Adriana Peñarredonda
Services Exports Business Leader, Peru
Diego Felipe Cifuentes
Services Exports Business Leader, Ecuador
Luis Alberto Baquero
Services Exports Business Leader, Spain
Angelica Camacho
Services Exports Business Leader, UK
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CONALCREDITOS CONALCENTER BPO, It is a company that is responsible for providing solutions to the needs of the financial, real, educational, health and public sector for Collection Management, Customer Service, Outsourced back office, marketing and sales services.
Among its services are:
1. Collection management
2. Contact center
3. Back office
4. Media
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Kompras BPO, It is a company that offers cost-effective solutions for company purchases, guaranteeing total cost savings of more than 5%, systematizing purchasing processes, controlling expenses and budgets and preparing companies to face competitive markets.

Among its services are:
1. Strategic Consulting
2. Purchasing software
3. Business intelligence
4. Negotiation with suppliers
5. Shopping outsourcing
6. Personalized training
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SERLEFIN ZONA FRANCA SAS, SERLEFIN was founded in 1998, with (2) two corporate names in Colombia: SERLEFIN ZONA FRANCA SAS - SERLEFIN S.A., (1) one in Peru: SERLEFIN BPO&O PERU S.A.C. and (1) one in the United States: SERLEFIN GLOBAL SERVICE LLC, with experience in Contact Center operations and Back Office Processes based on Software Design (RPA, AIA), ACS (Automated Customer Service) and Portfolio Management and Recovery in pre-judicial and punished administrative management.
The company is certified under ISO 9001:2015 and PCI-DSS standards. It is in the process of certification under ISO 27001.
Provides BPO Services: based on software development (RPA - IA) for the company FedEx (Federal Express Corporation) in 27 countries in Central America and the Caribbean for 3 years.
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GLOBAL SALES SOLUTIONS COLOMBIA SAS , GSS, belonging to Covisian Group, is among the market leaders of Contact Center & BPO. We are a multinational company with a presence in 7 countries that provides services to more than 150 clients located in 50 branches in the world.
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(R2) Diesel, (R2) Diesel is a software development company dedicated to ITO and BPO. We focus on digital transformation & solutions that improve and optimize our clients’ daily operations. We add value by integrating and listening to all facets of your operation while keeping in mind the return on your investment.
We have offices in Miami, FL, USA and Cali, Colombia, in Zonamerica a Service Free Zone.
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ADISCOMPUTO Y CIA. S.A., .- Economic Censuses.
.- Multipurpose Cadastre.
.- Document Management.
.- Digitization.
.- BPO Data Processing.
.- Software for Vehicles.
.- Software for Municipal Taxes.
.- Contact Center.
.- Call Center.
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Apex America Colombia, Multinational BPO with 18 years of experience in managing conversations, making cultural and strategic change through innovation and transformation processes. Developing unique solutions, with
focus on customer experience.
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ATLANTIC INTERNATIONAL BPO, It is a company that is dedicated to outsourcing services specifically to the sectors of Telecommunications, Health, banking / Insurance, Transportation, Retail and Public Services,
Among its services are:
1. Customer service and technical support
2. Back office and compliance
3. Outbound campaigns
4. RPAs
5. Retention and loyalty
6. Self-management and alternative channels
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Axede S.A., Axede S.A. is a Colombian company with more than 50 experienced years in the market. Our main focus is to give companion and support to our customers in their digital transformation processes. This transformation will be aligned with their strategy generating a better cost and productivity effectiveness. Our strategy based on R + D + i + d (Research + Development + innovation + differentiation) allows to our portfolio to offer productivity solutions, software development, data architecture, BPO services, connectivity and cybersecurity. Axede portfolio serves all customers in their needs and even unknown needs, some of them as a result of the new normal in the market and businesses.
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BBS PARTNERS SAS, We are a Business process outsourcing company specialized in supporting pharmaceutical companies that bring medical innovations to market faster by accelerating clinical trials.
Each patient recruitment program is unique and so should be the strategy. To ensure that each clinical research trial is enrolled on time and within budget, we create individual custom-crafted patient recruitment campaigns. We work with international biotech/pharmaceutical and medical device companies, large and small, as well as CROs.
While we are by no means alone in this mission, we believe we are the best choice for ensuring timely completion of your trial. Our confidence derives in part from the experiences recounted by multiple sponsors who have enlisted our patient recruitment and analysis services to rescue faltering trials initiated elsewhere.
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CONSORCIO COLOMBIANO NUEVAS TECNOLOGIAS ITSCOCONUT, IT's COCONUT is a consortium of Colombian technology companies specialized in a wide range of industry 4.0 products and services, with services such as consulting in digital transformation, augmented reality, ITO and BPO, video streaming and monetization, deployment and cloud management. , integration of multiplatform systems, and SaaS solutions for predictive analytics, innovation management and platforms for e-commerce.
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ECOSI, Since 2012 ECOSI has focused on providing engineering, architectural and mechanical services to clients in the Americas, at low cost and preserving high quality and service standards. We offer the following service to the local and global market:

1. BPO and KPO in design for the AEC industry (Architecture, Engineering & Construction) using BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology and Cloud services.
2. Professional training for engineers and architects through E-learninng technologies.
3. Project Management for sustainable construction under LEED standards.
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ESSI SAS, ESSI is a Sustainable company that has three business lines: Aseptic Processes, Energy & Automation and BPO Maintenance

We are a company that offers efficient and global solutions with great competitive advantage. Our experience for more than 20 years in the market has allowed us to be present in 15 countries such as: Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Paraguay, Argentina, India and of course, Colombia. Which makes us an extremely important strategic ally for companies in both sectors.

ESSI has distinguished itself for its leaders, products, services and technological innovation thanks to its more than 356 employees, both national and international, who put their hearts and souls into each project we undertake.
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GD CONTACT CENTER &BPO, Contact center & BPO portfolio offers service units Collection Management , SAC Line and Marketing Services . with 10 years experience
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ITERUM COLOMBIA SAS, Iterum Connections is a cloud-native, omnichannel business process outsourcing (BPO) provider with in-center and at-home operations in Panama, Jamaica, and Colombia.
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LISTOS BPO , We create and develop integral solutions in human management, contributing to the fulfillment of the strategic objectives of our Clients with 3 interesting Business Units

• Achievement of Human Talent with services such as: Talent Banks, Talent Selection

• Talent Management based on our experience, we carry out a Loyalty plan, Culture Transformation, Process Transformation, Talent Transformation)

• Outsourcing with 6 comprehensive services that allows companies to focus on their core business: BPO Contracting, BPO Payroll and Social Security, BPO Purchasing, BPO SST, BPO Sales Forces, BPO Cleaning and Maintenance
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