Bandana Cookies Image
Bandana Cookies Image
Bandana Cookies Image

Bandana Cookies

Our accessories and bandanas are always at the forefront, promoting the comfort and beauty of our furry friends. That is why our scarves are made with high quality materials and with innovative designs and according to trends, which are changing in a must-have accessory for our Gomelos Pets. We are sure you will love this accessory for its textile, because it is soft to the touch and make everyone fall in love with our products, Not only for its design, but also for its quality.


In Gomelopet S.A.S. we know the importance of pets in the lives of all human beings.

We are dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of luxury clothing for pets. We have managed to position our brand and potentiate our products in the market by providing our customers with exclusive and high quality products.

We have the best team with the best skills in customer service and business management to provide security and confidence to all our customers. In the area of production and confection we involve unique and innovative ideas with the main objective of making our customers live an unforgettable experience when purchasing our products.