One-piece (overalls) with reinforcement Image
One-piece (overalls) with reinforcement Image
One-piece (overalls) with reinforcement Image
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One-piece (overalls) with reinforcement

Protective garment, One-piece overalls made of Olympias Repel fabric, antifluid fabric, high resistance to tear, washable and reusable.

Unisex garment, long sleeves with elastic adjustment in the hood area, back waist, sleeves and boots. Garment with full coverage on the head (free on the face) and body up to the ankles, seeking to generate a protective barrier for the individual against any contact with fluids and / or contaminants during use. This garment includes a reinforcement in the seams in order to make it even more hermetic against work with high contact with fluids and / or vapors that require a total seal in the seams and 3 velcro points in the zipper area in order to give better closure.
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Manufacturas Eliot SAS

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