SOHO PROTEGE - Men's scrub pants Image
SOHO PROTEGE - Men's scrub pants Image
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SOHO PROTEGE - Men's scrub pants

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We are aware of how important it is to be well protected, that is why our pants are made with high standards of manufacturing, we use fabrics with high anti-chloro, anti-fluid and sun protection technologies (Lafayette) that thanks to their performance, offer comfort, well-being and for construction has high resistance to tearing.
Our garments meet the necessary requirements to provide users with greater protection, and in turn, protection for the patient.
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SOHO is a company with 18 years of experience in textile manufacturing for fashion, our SOHO PROTEGE line includes garments for medical equipment, we are aware of the importance of being well protected, that is why in our garments we use fabrics with different technologies that comply with the requirements necessary to provide greater protection, both to the medical team and the protection of the patient.