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Pillow cover

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We cannot prevent mattresses and pillows from getting dirty. So at first glance they seem
be clean, batteries accumulate mites and bacteria that come from moisture and remain
with the heat of the bodies when sleeping. What we can and must do is protect them with
protectors that prevent the passage of liquids and keep them as dry and fresh
possible. At Distrihogar, we offer you protectors for pillows and mattresses that in addition to
excellent performance, they do not interfere with the experience of touch with the bedding, because
They are made with materials that work smoothly and freshly. We know that you care
for your guests, invest in their well-being. Available in waterproof fabric and jersey PU

CI Distrihogar SAS

Over 40 years ago we started paving this road, honoring during our journey, our purpose of working so people may dream.  
We create, develop and sell bedding products that enable with their enduring performance extraordinary comfort and wellness.
Our capacity: 4.471.000 pillows/year, 2.121.000 bedding sets/year, +930 tons of local and imported fiber in 2018, 7.290.000 mts of fabrica purchased in 2018, 7.625.777 mts of fabric transformed into products/year.
Our long textile experience allows us to offer solutions for hotel and hospital rooms, uniforms, and surgery whilst preventing the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus and protecting the wellbeing of health professionals and people in general.
We offer an extended portfolio: Hooded suits, hooded gowns, head and neck protective hoods, masks for social distancing, mattress protectors, sheets, pillows, blankets, towels, patient and surgical gowns, pijama sets, patient and medical headpieces, wrappers, shoecovers.