Dreaming Birds Silk Sleep Mask Image
Dreaming Birds Silk Sleep Mask Image
Dreaming Birds Silk Sleep Mask Image
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Dreaming Birds Silk Sleep Mask

This Dreaming Birds Silk Sleep Mask is a functional accessory crafted in 100% silk. thoughtfully designed for your moments of rest. Soft to the touch so it can be worn during flights, at home, or even in a waiting room.

Incorporating this material into your sleep experience will allow your skin to softly glide against your pillow, reduce pressure on wrinkled skin and the delicate areas around the eyes, overall giving you an ANTI-WRINKLING experience. It will allow your skin to stay moisturized during the night as silk absorbs significantly less face cream than cotton, providing ANTI-AGING properties.

The size of our eye mask was thoughtfully designed for you to wear at any point during the day. It will allow you to relax most of your face without letting even a sun ray interrupt your sleep.

Material: 100% Silk satin - cotton fill.
Size: 10.25“ x 5“ - 26cm x 13cm
Side band covered in silk, adjustable to any size.


Our universe is drawn with the strokes of talented national artists who interpret and recreate Valisse's creative vision of telling stories on silk. Each exclusive design has the artist's signature and serial number -176 in total- because what you're wearing is not just fashion, it's art as well. Something that really distinguishes VALISSE is its versatility, when you buy one of our scarves it is as if you took fifty, you can fold it in different ways and give it multiple uses. https://shop.valisse.co