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85/14/1% CO/BIOBLAST/ELT, 9.4 oz.
ECO BIOBLAST: Biodegradable polyester made from 100% recovered PET bottles. In addition to its sustainable benefits, it is also a soft and resistant fiber for higher performance garments.

Fabricato S.A.

We are FABRICATO S.A, a company that manufactures fabrics and has 100 years of experience in the Colombian market.
We have the most modern textile technology in Latin America and sustainability as one of the main axes of our business.
We offer two types of products: Fabrics and finished garments.
- In fabrics for fashion clothing we have three product lines: Denim, Twills & Poplins and Knit.
- We also produce fabrics for military clothing and work gear.
- In garments: We offer garments for military clothing and workwear or endowments for the industry and the health sector.