Coccyx Cushion M Image
Coccyx Cushion M Image
Coccyx Cushion M Image
Coccyx Cushion M Image
Coccyx Cushion M Image
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Coccyx Cushion M

HS code
Circular shaped cushion with a central orifice, that anatomically adapts to
the contour of the body , allowing the coccyx to remain suspended.


-Reliefs Pressure form the coccyx
-Distributes pressure from the lower legs and buttocks, generating a more
confortable seating experience.
-Contributes to a better posture maintaining the back and hip in a more
comfortable position.
-Recommended for home care rehab processes from multiple injuries and
pathologies related to the coccyx , back and/or hemorrhoids among

Size M (up to 70kg)
Technique sheet

Global Aim S.A.S

Company focused on functional comfort that manufactures wellness related cushions, pillows and accessories. 14 years of experience. Pioneer in the use of microbead fill technology (in Colombia). We are currently expanding into other fillings and fabrics.
Our purpose is to deliver “comfort at another level”, through continuous improvement of our designs, tests, inputs from specialists and customers feedback. Winners of the “Emprende País” award (chamber of Commerce). Winners of a program related to Industry 4.0 technologies from iNNpulsa (ministry of commerce). We are currently expanding into to new distribution channels, countries and
product Lines.