Face mask Image
Face mask Image

Face mask

Face mask Sizes: Unique 12cm x 18cm Fabric: Polyester Color: Pink, Gray Silhouette: Adjusted Elastics that hold perfectly and fit very well to your face Ergonomic design that highlights your face and eye features Double-sided Nose support for better modeling Three Layers Fabric: * Interior Non-woven Fabric Filter * Exterior: DEPENDS ON THE FABRIC Resists up to 30 washes DEPENDS ON THE FABRIC Flat fabric Protective barrier to contain the material coming from the nose and mouth Blocks the entry or exit of drops
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Fiory S.A.S

Female garments brand, 100% manufactured by colombian labor.
We are a colombian family passionate by female fashion. We believe in happiness existence. Since 2007, we are convinced that a woman’s heart and wardrobe, should be filled with live. We believe in good energies generated by colors and patterns that light up the soul. We believe in local culture, high quality and the good service.