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fashion mask

Fashionable ergonomic face mask features 3 layer
Layer 1 printed fabric
Layer 2 70 gauge Surgical Cloth
Layer 3 Tele anti-fluid caliber 120
0.5 cm elastic band. adjustable to nose


Taller de diseñor Escrupulos y/o Lina Lemus

LINA LEMUS is a brand of casual formal female clothing, whose purpose is to design and manufacture clothing items that enhance the female silhouette, through proposals for innovative and quality designs, creating unique pieces, experimenting with textures, colors and exclusive shapes of the brand , giving them a high added value, generating for each woman the security of feeling impressive wearing not only a garment but art made into fashion.

Due to the situation faced worldwide, LINA LEMUS reinvents itself and creates a new Biosafety line to contribute with its collections to the fight against the virus.

The company was created in 1996 and for 10 years it has been in the market as a brand recognized at a local, national and international level, complying with the demands of the market and in permanent improvement, increasing the well-being of the team of collaborators that make up this company.