Jaguar Kids Backpack - Recycled Tire Tubes Image
Jaguar Kids Backpack - Recycled Tire Tubes Image
Jaguar Kids Backpack - Recycled Tire Tubes Image
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Jaguar Kids Backpack - Recycled Tire Tubes

The cute eco-friendly Jaguar backpack for children is made with a mix of recycled tires, it is light, easy to clean, soft, very resistant to shocks and falls. In addition, it is waterproof. The backpack has adjustable straps. It's lightweight and perfect for everyday school and casual day trips. It will not deform as it is from recycled tire and will last a long time. Comfortable adjustable shoulder straps and back support. Provides robust protection to electronic devices. Contribution to Sustainability. ECOGROUND contributes 10% of the profit for conservation and research of the Spectacled Bears through the ProCAT Foundation and 10% of the profit we donate to the Fósforos Foundation who serve a population of 300 vulnerable children in the city of Cúcuta.


Company dedicated to design and produce items in sustainable wood and recycled tires, our products are ecological and contribute to the conservation of endangered species in Colombia and also provide drinking water to reduce water scarcity in the indigenous Wayúu in La Guajira. All our products are handmade, the acoustic amplifiers for the cell phone allow their functionality during charging and allow the use in video calls.