Hoodie MAD Image
Hoodie MAD Image
Hoodie MAD Image
Hoodie MAD Image
Hoodie MAD Image
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Hoodie MAD

Semi-printed hoodies or full prints.
With hood, made in Monaco Polyester 100% soft on the reverse.
1 Functional pocket, ribbed cuffs.
Sizes xs to xl

MAD Moda

MAD-MODA is a timeless brand, full of vitality and movement, our main pieces are hoodies (GAP-type jackets) with our own illustrations made by the hand of an artist and illustrator, these bags are also handled by order or minimum stock, and we want to achieve the match between family, friends and pets through illustrations.
Due to pandemic, we include Jackets and Capes to our main designs, long-lasting and with customizable designs.

In addition to our products, we try to put our grain of sand using the largest amount of textile waste that we have left over from our productions, to produce our patch bags, pet scarves, mobiles and even accessories.

MAD-MODA is local, we work to make the fashion industry a friendlier industry with the customer, the employees and the planet.