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MEN'S SHORTS Atlhete Shorts

HS code
Sports shorts with a good touch, it does not present friction or noise. With cuts in contrasting color and rubberized on the back.
100% reusable, waterproof, antibacterial luxury packaging with color protection.
Composition: 100% Polyester
• ANTICHLORO: Greater durability of the garment and does not age with use due to the permanence of color in chlorinated water and sea water. Standard: AATCC162-AATCC106.
• REPELLENCE: Prevents the absorption of liquids and facilitates the removal of dirt particles. Standard: AATCC22.
• SUN PROTECTION: UPF30. Prevents the passage of UV rays by acting as a protective shield for the skin. Standard AATCC183.
• COLOR PROTECTION: Color permanence for a longer time when exposed to light, washing and rubbing. Standard AATCC16-OPC.3-AATCC61.
• ANTI-SWEAT STAIN: Permanence of color when in contact with sweat. Standard AATCC15.
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Diseño Colombiano VS SAS

Diseño Colombiano VS SAS, born in 2013, in Bucaramanga, Colombia, hometown of her founder, Haute Couture Designer Vanessa Sepúlveda. With her knowledge, vision of global and digital markets, she has managed to imagine, design and produce garments under a fashion concept with a purpose. She is a creator of universes and proposals that express through their textiles, shapes and colors. The essence of Colombian Design has been combined with the values of a team of Latin American women entrepreneurs, who aim to impact the well-being of people, their relationship with others and co-create a positive global change with the use of their garments. The sporting personality of the firm reflects a brand in evolution and became designs that daily explores the world of sports practices and their requirements, integrating textile technologies that enhance and promote SPORT. Today we are a company that integrates the multifunctionality in each of our designs.