T101 Celia Top - B201 Dorotea Bottom Image
T101 Celia Top - B201 Dorotea Bottom Image
  • Textiles and clothing
  • Swimwear

T101 Celia Top - B201 Dorotea Bottom

Medium Coverage Bottom
Bottom with handmade pieces in
biodegradable banana stem fiber.
Yellow Ochre/Ivory/Black


In Armantia we pay tribute to the majestic and unique natural fibers, which are delicately transformed with artisanal techniques, typical of Colombian culture, to create vibrant and timeless summer pieces, that empower a woman deeply conscious of the environment, who wants to rediscover herself in every adventure, in a simple but elegant lifestyle, and always in harmony with nature.
Armantia brings together minimalist designs and prints with premium fabrics in unique silhouettes, earth tones, basic colors and accents in perfect contrast with the color and textures of the handcrafted pieces made of totumo, tagua and natural banana fiber.

We do all the design, pattern making and tailoring processes in our workshop in Boyacá, since we started the brand, sustainability has been the main pillar for us.