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 Antifluid Gown Image
 Antifluid Gown Image
 Antifluid Gown Image
 Antifluid Gown Image

Antifluid Gown

Gown with biases that allows the adjustment to all the morphologies of the body of men and women with an ergonomic fit, developed with antifluid fabric (repels liquids); It resists 20 washes without losing the anti-fluid property.
Bias-fastening gown, adjustable to all body morphologies of an adult man or woman, fulfills a microbial barrier function by reducing the passage of body fluids from the outside, and protects from the risk of exposure to airborne particles. Medical use
HS code
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We are a Colombian company with more than 60 years of experience in the national market, a subsidiary of Grupo Éxito and in charge of the conceptualization, design and development of brands with an international presence for its clients and the Éxito group.

• We produce through more than 300 allied productive units in Colombia.

• We guarantee in our supply chain compliance with the standards of safety at work, fair and sustainable trade, social and environmental responsibility, allowing the economic development of the regions where we operate.

• Our purpose is the democratization of fashion in a conscious and sustainable way, creating a link between our suppliers, brands and clients.

we have different lines of business:
- Industrial Line: Business endowment and protective medical garments.
- Women's clothing
- Mens clothing.
- Children's clothing.
- Beachwear.
- Nightwear all worlds.
- Baby accessories.