Microtec Chlororesistant Antimicrobial Image
 Microtec Chlororesistant Antimicrobial Image

Microtec Chlororesistant Antimicrobial

With a matte finish on one side and a satin sheen on the other, these fabrics are fully reversible meaning both sides can serve as the right side, and they have +Anti-chlorine, +Anti-fluid-Repellency, +Antimicrobial and +Sun protection technologies. It can be used for blouses, robes, shirts, jackets, vests, aprons, lab coats, coveralls, skirts, pants, suits, and scrubs.
Characteristics: Width: 152±2 cm Weight: 104±6 g/m2 Stock: 64791
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  • Textiles and clothing
  • Uniforms and Industrial Supply

Textiles Lafayette S.A.S

We are a Colombian textile company with 78 years of experience delivering superior textile solutions for uniforms and protection garment. With 8 international offices, more than 25 stores around the world and exports to more than 24 countries, the coverage and reach of this extensive commercial presence is strengthened by a network of cutting and sewing partners in different latitudes.

Our products incorporate intelligent textile technologies conceived and designed for uniforms. They offer different levels of protection for companies in sectors such as workwear hospitality, commercial, healthcare, schools, courier services, and private security among others.