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Pants delusion

Unique design of the brand, a spectacular and delicate silk, which not only generates freshness but also comfort. Exclusive brand print. Our focus is quality, we buy European fabric that guarantees us a plus compared to the competition.


We are a company from the Valley, with 5 years of experience in our market. We currently have two physical points of sale, digital channels, etc. We design and manufacture garments such as blouses (with design), basics, crop-tops, t-shirts, skirts, shorts, pants, shirts, dresses, jeans, etc. Our bet in the market is to get few units for sale. We give an exclusivity to a client who is tired of looking the same (with clothes) with other women. We want to provide a shopping experience in our stores, going from the advice, support and happiness of our customers.
For us it is fundamental to listen to the client constantly, their requirements have led us to produce garments with a high value in design, quality and generating an impact on the happiness and satisfaction of the client.