Remaches semitubulares serie R, y para bandas de freno en acero y aluminio

Semi-tubular rivets R series, and brake bands in steel and aluminum

Made of steel and aluminum. Used by the metalworking industry, cooling, electrical parts manufacturers, stairs, toy vehicle assemblers and parts for the automotive sector. / Designed to fix the blocks in the bands of the brakes, used by vehicle assemblers, workshops and distributors of auto parts.
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Production of fasteners such as blind rivets, solid rivets, semi-tubular rivets, rivets with and without washer, and hex screws. We also offer aluminum wires drawn to the extent required by our customers.

We are able to develop special applications rivets and products that are used in industry as a fastener.

Our experience and tradition of 30 years give us confidence to deliver the best quality products at fair prices and in the time required by the customer.